Meet the SDS Team: Yoko Kato

Meet the SDS Team: Yoko Kato

Yoko Kato is one of Sullivan Design Studio’s Senior Designers. Bringing over 15 years of design experience, her ability to create beautifully crafted and well-thought details combined with her ability to unify architectural components in a seamless architecture-to-interiors approach make her an integral part of the team. This month, Yoko shares the most important thing when working on a team and the person she admires most.

Q | When did you join the team?

A | December 2015


Q | What is your role?

A | Senior Interior Designer


Q | What attracted you to Sullivan Design Studio?

A | I wanted a friendly working environment for a working mom and to gain experience in residential design.


Q | What is your professional background?

A |

Beck & Tabeling Architect

Domokur, Robinson & Edwards Architects



BFA Interior Design, Kent State University, Cum Laude


Q | What is your favorite interior design style?

A | Simple, modern, and pops of color and graphics.


Q | Who do you admire and why?

A | My dad because he has always guided me through my life and given me comfort to build my confidence.


Q | What is one item you wish you could have in your home?

A | Genkan – Japanese entryway.


Q | What is the most important thing when working on a team?

A | Trust and the right attitude.


Q | Morning or night person?

A | Morning person now since my daughter was born!


Q | What is your favorite food?

A | Inari-sushi, Japanese curry, and any of my mom’s home-cooked meals.

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