Meet the SDS Team: Michelle Her

Meet the SDS Team: Michelle Her

Michelle Her joined Sullivan Design Studio in 2016 as a Junior Designer. Before joining Sullivan Design Studio, she wore many hats in her career including IT project coordination for a prestigious entertainment agency and business development for a marketing research & consumer insights company. Today, in addition to design support, her role has expanded to support the team in all aspects of project management, business development, and operations.

Q | When did you join the team?

A | November 2016


Q | What attracted you to Sullivan Design Studio?

A | A friendly and personable team of women with a portfolio that includes both residential & commercial design, and a strong emphasis on interior architecture in addition to FF&E. As a budding interior design professional, I wanted to gain exposure to both segments of interior design.


Q | What is your professional background?

A | I have an Economics degree from the University of California, Los Angeles. I previously worked in IT project management for a prestigious entertainment agency. From there, I went on to do business development for a market research & consumer insights company in Los Angeles. After a few years in a business-driven, fast-paced environment, I was driven by my passion for interior design and sought to pursue a more creative and design-oriented career path.


Q | What is your favorite interior design style?

A | Contemporary. A refined space that’s effortless, clean, and exudes a sense of calm. A livable space with layers of personal touches that reflect who the person is and what they love to do.


Q | What is one item you wish you could have in your home?

A | A dance studio in a walk-in wardrobe.


Q | Who do you admire and why?

A | My father. He taught me the value of hard work and the importance of kindness, respect, intelligence, and patience. He is a devoted family man and showed my family how to give a lot without having a lot.


Q | What is the most important thing when working on a team?

A | Communication is key. Trust and respect are also very important.


Q | Morning or night person?

A | Morning


Q | What is your favorite food?

A | Japanese cuisine


Q | What are you most known for?

A | My love for matcha green tea.

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